Church bulletin

Main Street Baptist Church

        582 W. Main Street               Lexington, KY  40507

 To present every person perfect (mature) in Christ  Col. 1:28


                         VICTOR G. SHOLAR, PASTOR



2021 Theme:  “Now Unto Him, Who is Able”      Ephesians 3:20




                Sunday, May 9, 2021        11:00 A.M.


Musical Prelude  


Morning Hymn—Instrumental


Call to Worship                           

We have come as the body of Christ to do Holy business for our King. We have come in troubled times, but we have high spirits.  We know the Eternal One is still on the throne.  Saints, lift up holy hands, lift high your voices and praise the Sovereign One.  Mighty is our God, holy are His judgments and He is altogether lovely.  Praise Him!  Praise Him!  Praise Him!    


Scripture Reading  (printed)


Recognition of Visitors/Observations                     Pulpit


Prayer                                                                        Pulpit


Musical Selection                                                      


SERMON                                                    Pastor Victor G. Sholar

The Period to Receive Those Whom The Lord Will Send


            Observance of The Lord’s Table



Closing:  “Let the Church Say, ‘Amen’”


The Giving of Tithes & Offerings (at doorways upon exiting)


Sunday Morning Sermon outline


Text: 1 John 5:13-15

Title: Do You Have Eternal Life?


3 joys every believer will experience when they receive the truth of 1 John:


I. The joy in the certainty of their salvation [v. 13]

II. The joy of having confidence in prayer [v. 14]

III. The joy of being cognizant of answered prayer [v. 15]




Do you want to become a better preacher? How does one measure great preaching? Is it style? Communication ability? Congregational response? The Scriptures define preaching not by how you preach (style), but who you preach (substance). In Colossians 1:28, the apostle Paul declared, “We proclaim Him”. The purpose of the Proclaim Him Conference is to encourage men in gospel ministry to proclaim Christ by bible exposition. This two-day conference will provide instruction in the area of expository preaching, resources to equip men to become better preachers, and a time of worship in which we will hear God’s Word preached to our souls. So please consider joining us October 22-23rd, at Main Street Baptist Church, Lexington, KY.


Registration:  $25



To assist in making sure members have face masks as needed, some sisters of the church have lovingly made masks which have been dropped off at the church office.  Persons are welcome to pick up masks—Monday, Wednesday, Friday—10am-3pm.

If Senior Adults need masks dropped off at their home, please call the church office with your request (252-3838).




All couples are welcome to submit wedding anniversary info to the church office. This will be included in the church bulletin. 



PARKING ISSUES – Next door from Chapel/Braxton Bldg.

Members who park in Barbara Ricki's Lot:

Please remember the following-- 

1)  Only park behind the island.

2)  Do not park near the building. 

3)  Do not block either driveway. 





                  May 2 – May 30, 2021


Baby Bottle Blessings is an easy and fun way to give in support of those facing unplanned pregnancies in our community.   Baby bottles are located in the vestibule of the sanctuary and all are encouraged to pick up one and fill it with coins, dollar bills or a check.


You may give your bottles to Sis. Nina Bonds, Pastor Bob Brown, or Sis. Hiawatha Patterson.

        Ps. 127:3 – “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD.”


The support we receive through our Baby Bottle Blessings campaign is critical to our ability to continue with our mission. 

Please fill and return all baby bottles.


       Thank you for your support!!!!



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