We the undersigned members and friends of Main Street Baptist Church, 582 W. Main Street and 600-608 W. Main Street, Lexington, KY support the conveyance/transfer/sale of that portion of the land currently known as the Jefferson Street Viaduct that sits between the two above listed houses of worship owned and operated by church, TO THE CHURCH if and when such street is abandoned by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in a proposed street swap between the State and the Urban County Government and/or the decommission of the street by LFUCG for use as a "grand entrance" to the proposed privately owned Town Branch Commons Park.


The church is the adjacent property owner on both sides of the Jefferson Street Viaduct and by operation of law and under the principle of fairness, justice and equity the land should legally revert back to the original owners which under logic would be the current property owners who have by deed the rights of heirs and assigns from the the original property owners or at the very least the church should be given the right of first refusal when such roadway/street/viaduct ceases to be used as such. 



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